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3-in-1 concentrate for gut health and glowing skin.  Multi-strain probiotics feed and nourish the microbiome, fermented coconut hydrates cells and antioxidants feed the skin.


Beauty Renewal is a 3-in-1 probiotic concentrate for microbial balance, gut health, hydration, absorption and cellular defense with a subtly sweet, naturally sugar-free taste.

Eight strains of probiotics are cultured from fermented Coconut Water to replenish the microbiome with diverse bacteria, while naturally occurring electrolytes, minerals, and antioxidants hydrate and replenish cells.


  • Tastes Amazing

  • Encourages you to drink water

  • Great at clearing congested skin

  • Gives your skin a glow

  • Improves energy levels

  • All round cleansing and detoxifying 


Imbibe beauty Renewal Probiotic Gut Health 500ml

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