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Our eyes are the window to our soul, and at Sally Williams Beauty we are passionate about empowering the modern woman and man to look and feel their best.

As part of our beauty treatments we provide lash and brow services, focusing on preserving our clients' natural beauty. 

Our services are bespoke to each and every client, ensuring we create brows and lashes that are personalised to each client's facial aesthetics,
ensuring our clients stay groomed and polished all year round. 

Please note, all Sunday bookings incur a 15% surcharge.

Long Lashes

Please note, all Sunday bookings incur a 15% surcharge.

Personalised Care

At Sally Williams Beauty, we are focused solely on our clients. After all, it's all about them! 

We make it our business to know exactly what our clients need, what their individual preferences are and how we can customise our treatments and services to meet our client's specific needs. 

Above all else, we believe in relationships, and we love getting to know our clients on a personal level. 

Accentuating Natural Beauty

We believe in illuminating our client's natural beauty.​

We offer a range of natural skincare and beauty treatments, that are gentle and soothing to a variety of skin types. 

Beauty comes from within, but our external appearance is important in how we feel about ourselves. We work hard to provide a range of services that enhance our client's natural appearance, so that we promote not only great health, but long-term beauty and wellness. 

Authentic & Genuine

We're proud to be a boutique beauty salon, which means we're completely original. 

Full of passion and life, we have our own unique identity at Sally Williams Beauty, which allows us to provide an unparalleled customer service experience and tailor-made treatments. 

In a landscape crowded with similarity, we're proud of our humble beginnings - as it what makes us the energetic and passionate team that we are. 

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