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The Deluxe Set allows you to achieve a natural-looking tan, anywhere, anytime. What's included:


LOVING TAN DELUXE BRONZING MOUSSE delivers immediate sun-kissed colour and then develops into a deeper yet natural-looking tan in 8 hours. Using advanced colour-guide technology, this self-tanning mousse guarantees a streak-free application. In just 8 hours, skin is transformed from winter-pale to breathtaking bronze without exposure to harmful UV rays.


LOVING TAN BRONZE SHIMMER CREAM is an innovative, versatile formulation that instantly enhances, illuminates and bronzes your skin for the perfect glow. Wear it on its own to deepen your natural skin-tone, or over your tan for the ultimate luminous bronze finish.


LOVING TAN MITT gives you a professional, salon-style finish within minutes. Its unique velour surface ensures that you achieve the perfectly blended, even tan every time.

Loving Tan Bundle

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